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Previous Meetings and Events

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), Revalidation, & the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD). April 2018

On Thursday 12th April, Community Pharmacy Lancashire held a training event for contractors and pharmacy team members which focused on GDPR, Revalidation and FMD. Thank you to everyone who attended and to Leyla Hannbeck from the NPA for delivering the presentation.

Leyla’s slides can be downloaded below:

Revalidation & GDPR slides

Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) slides

Community Pharmacy Lancashire AGM 2018

The 2018 Community Pharmacy Lancashire AGM was held on Thursday 27th September 2018

A copy of the audited accounts 2017/18 can be downloaded here

Community Pharmacy Lancashire Chairman’s Statement 2017/18

The AGM was followed by a very informative talk given by GPhC Inspector Craig Whitelock-Wainwright.

Also on the agenda was CPL CEO Kath Gulson who updated the audience on the current local NHS organisation system – the Integrated Care System (ICS), CPL Services Development Manager Nicola Feeney who explained the Virtual Outcomes online training programme, and demonstrated how to sign up to this training (Click here for more details) and CPL member and contractor Michael Ball who spoke about the positive experience on the members of his pharmacy team and therefore pharmacy the Mary Seacole Programme has had.

The presentation slides can be viewed below

Presentation by GPhC Inspector Craig Whitelock-Wainwright.

The Integrated Care System (ICS)

Virtual Outcomes.

Previous Community Pharmacy Lancashire AGM meetings

Older copies of audited accounts and Chairman statements can be requested from the CPL office. Email office@pharmacylancashire.org

EGM –  Formation of a Company Limited by Guarantee. September 2015

Community Pharmacy Lancashire held a special meeting of contractors Wednesday 2nd September 2015 to propose the formation of a company limited by guarantee.

The healthcare purchasing (commissioning) climate has changed enormously in the last few years. More organisations could use pharmacies to provide services but there is now competition for what we have historically regarded as “community pharmacy only services”. Services are being put out to tender, by CCGs and Local Authorities, rather than being directly commissioned from community pharmacy, e.g. historically by a PCT. Community Pharmacy Lancashire being a representative committee is not permitted to bid for these. The new Company would be able to bid for tenders and services to ensure that community pharmacies do not lose out on the potential to deliver existing and new services.

In consultation with PSNC, Community Pharmacy Lancashire support the setting up of a Company Limited by Guarantee to act on behalf of all Pharmacy Contractors in the Lancashire Area. A company limited by guarantee is often used for establishing charities, clubs, societies, community projects and other such organisations. One of the reasons to opt for establishing a Company Limited by Guarantee is that it protects those running the company from personal liability, for example the company’s debts. Funding for the company may be initially generated by having a joining fee and in due course from any tender that it is successful in bidding for.

Memoranda of Articles are available to view here

Voting results

Prior to the meeting, 46 postal votes accepting the changes had been received. There were no postal votes rejecting the changes. A further 167 votes in favour were recorded at the meeting with no votes rejecting the proposals and no abstentions. The proposal was therefore carried.

Anticholinergic evening – May 2015

Please find below the information & links from the educational meeting  “Anticholinergic Burden & The Importance of MURs in Identifying Issues for the LPC and/or LPF pharmacists in Lancashire”

We are grateful to Astellas for sponsoring this meeting.

Anticholinergic Burden – slides

Anticholinergic burden scale

EGM – Amending the LPC Constitution. February 2015

Community Pharmacy Lancashire held a special meeting of contractors Thursday 5th February 2015 to consider proposals for changes to the LPC constitution and vote on these changes.

Prior to the meeting, 114 postal votes accepting the changes had been received. There were no postal votes rejecting the changes. A further 49 votes in favour were recorded at the meeting with no votes rejecting the proposals. Therefore, in accordance with clause 19.5 of the constitution (Any amendment to the constitution must be carried by a two-thirds majority of the total votes cast), the amended constitution was formally adopted. It can be viewed in the governance section of the website – click here

Meet the Inspector. September 2014

Community Pharmacy Lancashire welcomed Stan Branwood to the Annual General Meeting. over one hundred pharmacists and their staff listened to a very informative presentation which can be viewed here

Prescription Pricing What Really Happens? May 2014

Eighty pharmacists and their staff listened to members of NHS Prescription Services (Prescription Pricing Team) explain the process and pitfalls of prescription pricing.

There was also a presentation from Harpreet Chana Head of Pricing at PSNC giving the latest update. Her presentation can be viewed here

Community Pharmacy Lancashire

Community Pharmacy Lancashire represents community pharmacies located in the Health & Wellbeing Board areas of Blackpool Borough Council, Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council & Lancashire County Council.