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Pharmacy Stationery Orders

Primary Care Support England (PCSE) – for NHS stationary including EPS tokens: pcse.england.nhs.uk

Primary Care Support England (PCSE) have launched a new online portal (April 2016) which all community pharmacies in England will be required to use if they want to order NHS stationery.

The portal will initially provide pharmacy contractors with a quick and easy way for ordering and tracking supplies including pre-printed forms, Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) tokens and other NHS stationery. The portal will replace the contacts and channels contractors currently use to order PCSE supplies.

Over time, it is anticipated that the portal will become the main route for accessing additional primary care support services, including EPS payments (anticipated October to December 2016) and straightforward pharmacy market entry online applications (anticipated April to June 2017).

You will need to register your pharmacy to use the Portal at www.pcse.england.nhs.uk/register and will need your Unique Identifier which has been posted to your pharmacy. If you do not have your Unique Identifier, please email: PCSE.enquiries@nhs.net

If you have any queries about the registration process, please read the FAQs at www.pcse.england.nhs.uk/help

Issues with Primary Care Support England (PCSE)

Since April 2016, the PSNC has received a large number of reports from LPCs and individual pharmacy contractors about difficulties that are being experienced with PCSE. PSNC has been escalating the most serious cases to senior officials at Capita, NHS England and the Department of Health.

PSNC have had a number of issues brought to their attention including with difficulty logging onto the online portal, excessive time delays in telephones being answered by PCSE, queries about minimum / maximum order quantities and especially the availability of EPS tokens.

What can I do?

In the first instance, contact PCSE using their “contact us” form or via email to PCSE.enquiries@nhs.net on a daily basis if you have any difficulties in registering for the online portal, EPS token shortages etc. Continue emailing until a response is received – keeping copies and / or a record of your emails / communications. If no response has been received within 3 working days (as stated on the PCSE website) then please copy all the emails to info@psnc.org.uk explaining the steps you have taken, and the current position e.g. “I have a supply of EPS tokens to last me for the next two days” so that the PSNC is able to escalate matters.

More information

For more information see the PCSE page on PSNC website – click here or go to PCSE website: www.pcse.england.nhs.uk

Will I be charged for my order?

This question has arisen because the online ordering portal includes prices for many of the items. As stated in the relevant FAQ available on the PCSE website, www.pcse.england.nhs.uk/help  contractors will not be charged for standard orders made using the portal. PCSE is committed to ensuring NHS England supplies are ordered responsibly and for this reason, prices for items are included to help contractors make an informed decision about what they need. (Note, there may be a charge for urgent supplies.)


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