To find a pharmacy in Lancashire and arrange a flu vaccination click on the button below. You will be taken to the page that will help you find a pharmacy close to where you live and provide you with their contact details.


Prepare and protect against infection this Winter

Prepare: Contact, arrange and check

Pharmacies across Lancashire are preparing to provide your NHS flu vaccination

Get vaccinated early in the flu season – September or October is best

Demand for vaccinations may be higher than in previous years so don’t delay

Contact your usual pharmacy and they will help you arrange a vaccination

Check for new guidelines to keep you safe when attending your appointment

Protect: Yourself, your community and the NHS

A flu vaccination is the most effective step you can take to prevent flu

Getting a vaccination will help to protect you and other vulnerable people

It will help to reduce the risk of you getting flu and COVID 19 infections at the same time

A flu vaccination will help to take pressure off the NHS during the Winter

If you can’t attend then cancel so that others can get their vaccination