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Sexual Health

On this page you will find EHC SLAs, Information about Declarations of Competence, how to obtain Chlamydia test kits, & frequently asked questions (FAQs) relating to sexual health services

Lancashire County Council 


SLA – Lancashire County Council (LCC) 1st April 2019 – 31st March 2020

PGD – Lancashire County Council (LCC) 1st April 2019 – 31st March 2022

Blackburn with Darwen Integrated Sexual Health Service


For more information about the sexual health services or help to access support contact: (01772) 401140 or visit: www.cashlancashirecare.nhs.uk

SLA – Blackburn with Darwen Council Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) LIS 2019 – 2020

PGD Blackburn with Darwen Council – 1st April 2019 – 31st March 2022

Chlamydia screening service

East Lancashire Chlamydia Screening Programme (Blackburn with Darwen)
Barbara Castle Way Health Centre
Simmons Street
Blackburn  BB2 1AX

Telephone:         01254 283874 Young Person’s confidential line: 0845 602 0894

Email:                    Best2Know@lancashirecare.nhs.uk

Website:              www.best2know.co.uk

Blackpool Council

As of 1st April 2016, Blackpool Council no longer commissions an EHC service from Community Pharmacy.

Please refer anyone presenting for EHC to the Specialist Sexual Health Service at Whitegate Drive Health Centre (01253 957171) or the Young People’s Centre on Talbot Road (01253 955856)

Information and contraception clinic times can be found via the Lancashire Care Contraception and Sexual Health (CaSH) Services website:

http://cashlancashirecare.nhs.uk/index.php or by telephoning 01772 401140

Ordering condoms from Public Health

Lancashire Pharmacy Contractors:  Clinic packs of 144 condoms can be ordered by contacting phadmin@lancashire.gov.uk  who will email an order form.
When the order form has been completed and returned to them, orders should be received within 5 working days’. (any mail disruption will impact on delivery times, if items are out of stock the supplier will offer an alternative)

Any queries, contact:
Christine Tetlow, Public Health Co-ordinator (Sexual Health)
Lancashire County Council

Tel:  01772 539826

Blackpool contractors should contact: Contractreview@blackpool.gov.uk with your order

Declarations of Competence (DoC)

There is a new method for pharmacists providing commissioned services to declare themselves competent to deliver a service. CPPE in conjunction with Health Education England NW have developed a series of “DoC” that enable pharmacists and registered pharmacy technicians to make this professional declaration. You do NOT have to attend local workshops for accreditation although you may choose to once you have identified your learning needs. For full details log onto the CPPE website www.cppe.ac.uk/ 

The LPN are raising awareness of the reasonable timescales that pharmacists/technicians may need to complete these DoC.  In order to ensure continuity of safe service provision the commissioners have been asked to consider allowing 3 months from the start of the new service specification to complete the DoC. This reflects the fact that currently practising pharmacists with experience of delivering service to the previously required standard will remain competent to do so through experience. If you are a new provider you must consider your DoC before starting to provide the service. This is your professional responsibility –do not provide a service until you are confident that you are competent.

The use of DoC’s underpins the provision of “enhanced services” from all commissioners. The LPC, LPN and commissioners are working closely with CPPE in developing the principals and practice of DoC’s. This is currently a pilot process across the North West but future national endorsement and adoption is anticipated. Evaluation of the process as key to supporting continued safe and quality service provision is supported by the LPC and LPN and we thank CPPE for their continued support of the profession through the development of this process

Chlamydia Test Kits for Best 2 Know Provision in Community Pharmacy

Chlamydia Screening Team contact details. Please note when requesting kits that they are now gender specific

FAQs (updated 4th April 2014)

This updates and includes all previous questions. The two new questions are at the beginning

Contracts will be sent out to all pharmacies shortly. This does NOT affect claims or payments

Q1. Updated advice on 72 – 120 hours post UPSI
Q2. Declaring yourself competent to deliver the service

Q1. Just got the new PGD. Do you read it that between 72 and 120 hours Levonelle may ONLY be supplied if Ella One is contraindicated? The CL PGD has previously allowed us to supply Levonelle up to 120 hrs .

LPC Answer – this is an extract from the final version of the SLA that we have seen: – so if A,B & C are all yes then you can. PLEASE NOTE THIS DIFFERS FROM PREVIOUS ADVICE GIVEN THE FINAL SLA WAS FURTHER UPDATED WITHOUT THE LPC BEING GIVEN A COPY

A: Has the patient had unprotected sexual intercourse (UPSI) in this menstrual cycle?           Yes               No
B: Did this episode of UPSI occur within the last 72 hours, (120 hours if the patient takes or has recently taken liver enzyme inducing drugs;  or between 72 and 120 hours if Ulipristal Acetate is contraindicated)?           Yes               No
C: All emergency contraceptive options (including mode of action and failure rates) discussed with the patient and hormonal method preferred?           Yes               No
To be eligible for supply of Levonelle-1500 under this service specification ,  the answers to A, B AND C must be YES. If any of these do not apply, the patient should be referred to a GP or Doctor Led Contraceptive Session

Q2. I am a newly qualified pharmacist. I am not currently accredited to offer the service. I have completed and passed the CPPE programmes relating to Contraception, Emergency Contraception and Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults. I have also sat in on and witnessed many consultations.
If I was to sign my Self Declaration of Competency and the pharmacies contract would I be able to offer this service? Or would I need to attend a CPPE workshop? In relation to the workshop, I am unable to find any on the CPPE website, so in this case, if attendance is required, would you be able to direct me?
LPC Answer – If you feel that you can sign to say you are professionally confident and competent to deliver the service AND your pharmacy was already supplying EHC you may. For new pharmacies we are expecting the contracts to be sent out shortly

Q3. The old SLA restricted the supply of EHC to just Preston. Is that still the case?
LPC Answer – The new Service Level Agreement covers women from not only the whole of Lancashire but those outside visiting e.g. on holiday however you must note the postcode on Pharmoutcomes. No women should be turned away from this service for this reason.

Q4. Where do I get a copy of the new protocol forms?
LPC Answer – you don’t have to use a new protocol form in order to carry out a consultation as you will be recording this on Pharmoutcomes. (You can print out the completed transaction at the end) If you have stocks of the old version we suggest you continue to use these for the time being. When the new contracts and SLA are sent out there will be a paper form you can print out and use.

Q5. How do we go about getting a CRB check, is it still funded by the NHS for EHC?
LPC Answer – The LPC have approached PCSS (formerly LACSA) who have gone away “to consider the issue” we are in discussions with an alternative provider who may be able to provide an online solution. We will let you know as soon as possible. Unfortunately the NHS will no longer pay

Q6. My pharmacy is within the Blackpool Borough Council boundary does this apply to me?
LPC Answer – no this only applies to pharmacies within Lancashire County Council and Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council areas

Q7. I currently provide an EHC service but the PGD expires 31 March 2014 what do I do?
LPC Answer – You are unable to legally supply EHC without a current PGD that you have agreed to and signed. The new PGD is now available. Download and print a copy, read it, understand it and sign it this is a legal document that must be retained at the pharmacy.

Q8. I have not received the new contract documents can I continue to provide the service?
LPC Answer – Yes, continue to provide the service, as long as you sign the PGD the commissioners have agreed some latitude on this we will let you know as soon as possible.

Q9. I want to provide an EHC service but don’t currently
LPC Answer – Unfortunately this will not be possible. You will need to sign up and comply with the new contracts and service level agreements including your Declaration of Competence (DoC) and submit these to the Commissioning Support Unit (CSU). Until then you will be unable to provide the service – further details will be available shortly

Q10. Can I still supply EllaOne (Ulipristal)?
LPC Answer – no this is no longer available to those pharmacies that were able to supply it. We hope to negotiate a new service for this shortly

Q11. I was accredited to do EHC ( had training 2 years ago) and it expired in Jan 2014 – when I phoned in Jan I was told I could carry on until end of March – so am I now able to carry on once I sign new PGD?
LPC Answer – If you are currently providing the service you can carry on, provided you have signed the new PGD, but you will need to complete the Declaration of Competence http://www.cppe.ac.uk/sp/sp4.asp?PID=189&ID=203  Whilst there will be some leeway, our advice is to get this done asap.

Q12. I’m just double checking – are we expecting another copy of the PGD? The one sent out is still missing Dr Yoong Beh’s peer review signature
LPC Answer – The legal signatures required for authorisation are the following:

  • Senior Dr (or dentist)
  • Senior pharmacist
  • Senior representative of professional group using the
  • Person signing on behalf of the authorising body

The guidance doesn’t appear to require a signature see
This is the relevant link to the MHRA


Q13. My question is not answered here?
LPC Answer – please email office@pharmacylancashire.org
We will endeavour to respond asap if urgent please ensure you include your name and a telephone number

Community Pharmacy Lancashire

Community Pharmacy Lancashire represents community pharmacies located in the Health & Wellbeing Board areas of Blackpool Borough Council, Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council & Lancashire County Council.