Market Entry

Application forms and fees for inclusion on the pharmaceutical list

The application forms for all types of market entry applications are available from NHS England.

Applications for inclusion in the pharmaceutical list must be accompanied by the relevant fee. The fees are set out in the Secretary of State Directions of Fees for applications.

Top tips for completing Market Entry applications

PCSE (Primary Care Services England) is responsible for processing Market Entry applications on behalf of NHS England. To help applicants accurately complete the forms, PCSE have put together some useful tips: PCSE March 2019 Pharmacy Bulletin. These are based on omissions or errors that are commonly made on applications they receive.

PCSE Pharmacy Bulletin

PCSE publish a regular pharmacy bulletin in the news section of their website:

ODS codes – information & guide to change of pharmacy circumstances

Your pharmacy ODS (F) code is the pharmacy’s unique identifying code. If your pharmacy ODS code may change (e.g. location or ownership) then there are actions needed to ensure a smoother transition.

Pharmacy relocation, closures or sales are subject to regulatory requirements, but this PSNC guidance focuses on mitigating IT/Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) impacts where such changes are planned. PSNC recommends that pharmacy contractors planning such changes work through all of the change of circumstance guide/checklist and give the local NHS England team an absolute minimum of one month’s notice of the planned date for the change. The full transition period lasts for at least one month.

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